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Hi, I'm Amelia! 🥳

Welcome to my portfolio, developed and designed by me!

I'm currently located in Washington D.C. working as a Lead Product Designer at Morning Consult. I focus on researching, designing, and shipping Morning Consult's in-house survey building product.

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Selected Projects

Survey Builder Product

I researched, designed, and shipped a brand new survey builder product for Morning Consult with a team of 3 PMs and 20+ developers over the course of 6 months.

Shipped Product Product Invention Discovery Interviews

Accounts System & Sharing

I designed, launched, and tested an account management experience for Morning Consult's SAAS product to enable in-app sharing and reduce contract servicing costs.

Shipped Product Usability Testing Product Redesign

Design System for Capterra

I created and tested a design system for Capterra. The system includes themeable design tokens, fully responsive components, and animations.

Shipped Product System Design Usability Testing

Mobile Comparison Product

I redesigned Capterra's data-heavy, dynamic comparison table to provide a faster, more readable, and more useful experience.

Shipped Product UX/UI Responsive Design

Hackathon: Podcast App

During a 24-hour hackathon, I used design thinking principles to design an app dedicated to providing the best listening experience possible to podcast fans. I later iterated on the project.

Case Study Design Thinking Mobile App

Software Directory Product

Capterra lists software products in 850+ directories that help users find what they need for their business. I redesigned these directories to prioritize user needs without sacrificing revenue.

Shipped Product UX/UI CRO Unmoderated Testing

Product Profile Redesign

I was challenged with reconfiguring Capterra's product spotlight page to better serve our users and to introduce a number of new features including compare, resources, and more.

Partially Shipped Product UX/UI AB Testing

D&D Character Creation App

Using design thinking principles, I am researching, designing, and testing a mobile app to improve and gamify the character creation process in Dungeons & Dragons.

Case Study Game Design Mobile App


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