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I'm participating in a challenge to design something awesome using Figma (and only Figma) every day for 29 days. Learn more about Figbruary at www.figbruary.com and check out other entries using the hastag #figbruary.

february 2024
Feb 1: Landscape Illustration
Create a cool landscape illustration, city, skyscraper, night, sky, forest etc.
This was a fun prompt - it's been a while since I last made something just for the joy of illustration. I decided on pixel art, but couldn't decide on a color scheme so I went with all three!
Feb 2: Expanding Menu Animation
Create a menu for your dashboard or app. Create something cool.
It was comforting to return to a classic UI prompt. I tried to push the limits of Figma's smart automate and I think it went pretty well! Not as smooth as something you could accomplish if you had control over every frame, but for half the amount of effort, I have to tip my hat to this feature.
Feb 3: Only Frames
You have only frames to create something creative.
Decided to take this one more literally and practice some character art. It is pretty cool how easily you can use Figma to create keyframes for animation.
Feb 4: Keyboard Typing
Create an interaction for an app or website that simulates typing.
Maybe I'm too intrigued by the drama this would unlock...but it would be pretty funny to be able to react to people typing on iMessage.
Feb 5 & 6: Watch UI Create with Plugin
A watch UI animation showing grattitude. Use a plugin to create something cool.
I went to Alabama to visit my family and got a little behind this week. So, in an effort to catch up, I've combined the 5th and 6th prompts to create a sample automatic dog feeder interaction.
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